Employee Embezzlement


Embezzlement is defined as the taking (e.g., of money) for one’s own use in violation of a trust and by fraudulent means. A lot of employee embezzlement goes unreported due to occurring with a “trusted” employee. Due to this, the average embezzlement lasts 2 years before being stopped. Why wait that long? If you suspect an employee is embezzling, we can help.

Initial assessments or examinations of a company’s records may reveal that accounting irregularities may have been due to intentional, fraudulent actions taken by one or more employees. At this point Caldwell Investigation Agency can move into a fraud examination or employee embezzlement investigation.

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Our investigators are trained in all aspects of divorce, child custody, missing persons and cheating spouse investigations.

Financial and insurance fraud are now being seen in increasing numbers. Our CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner) and former Special Agent specializes in fraud and financial crimes.Our Fraud Investigators can help with managing business risks and business risk management for corporations. A growing number of corporate clients are relying upon Private Investigators to provide critical investigative, consultative and problem-solving approaches to a wide range of corporate management problems.

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