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    Criminal Tax Consulting

    IRS Special Agents conduct criminal tax investigations.  Sometimes these investigations start with as little as a name and an allegation.  IRS Special Agents then plan the investigation, obtain the available books and records, and conduct interviews of subject(s) and witnesses.  Once the investigation is complete IRS Special Agents prepare a detailed report, with exhibits, which is then used by the US Attorney’s Office in the prosecution of federal tax crimes. Read More

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    Employee Embezzlement

    Embezzlement is defined as the taking (e.g., of money) for one’s own use in violation of a trust and by fraudulent means. A lot of employee embezzlement goes unreported due to occurring with a “trusted” employee. Due to this, the average embezzlement lasts 2 years before being stopped. Why wait that long? If you suspect an employee is embezzling, we can help. Read More

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    Fraud Investigation

    As a Certified Fraud Examiner, We have the proven expertise to detect, prevent and investigate a wide range of fraudulent conduct. It costs far less to prevent fraud than to recover stolen assets. White-collar crime is so prevalent that business owners can’t afford to ignore the potential for fraud in their operations. We can assess your vulnerability to fraud, conduct discreet investigations if unusual activity is present and identify measures to prevent fraudulent conduct. Your business can thrive if you recognize its risks for fraud and implement safeguards to protect your assets. Read More

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    Interview and Interrogation

    Don’t Terminate – Investigate! When you discover an employee has done wrong doing such as employee theft, misconduct, drug use, sabotage or any other incident that you would be justified to terminate an employee on the spot, be careful not to act or react too quickly.

    Read More

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    Insurance Investigations

    We specialize in surveillance to uncover insurance claims fraud and related fraudulent activity. When it comes to hiring an investigations firm to handle your case, bigger is not always better. Our investigators are experienced professionals and make strong credible witnesses. We deliver what you need to succeed in your insurance investing

    We use the latest state of the art equipment, including concealed cameras that enable our investigators to document within confined areas and public places so we may provide a visual record of claimant activities in almost any environment.

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    PRE-Employement screenings

    Employees can be the biggest investment an employer makes and the biggest source of risk. Employers who fail to utilize employee screening services can be held liable for hiring individuals that are unqualified, dangerous or unfit for the position. We will provide the information you need to make more informed hiring decisions. Whether for entry-level employees, management or healthcare professional positions, we will customize our background investigations to suit your needs. Our background investigations

    • Criminal Convictions
    • Civil Court Records
    • Traffic Violations/Driving History/Driving Record
    • Address History
    • Corporate and DBA Ownership Search
    • Bankruptcy Filings
    • Character Reference Interviews
    • Name Verification
    • SS# Verification
    • Telephone Verification
    • Professional Licensing Verification
    • Employment Verification
    • Education Verification
    • OIG/GSA Search
    • Credential Verification
    • Worker’s Comp Claims Search
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    Covert Surveillance

    If you have field based employees working in unsupervised positions such as service personnel, route/delivery drivers, home health providers and sales and marketing personnel, covert surveillance will help you determine if they are using their time wisely, performing their duties with integrity and acting in the best interest of the company.

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    Theft Investigations

    According to the FBI, employee theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the USA, increasing at a rate of fifteen percent annually. Taking the wrong actions can lead to costly legal problems, and a failure to investigate can create an environment of poor morale and precipitate additional incidents. If your company is experiencing employee theft, you should keep the information confidential so the perpetrator does not have the opportunity to destroy evidence or fabricate a story jeopardizing the investigation. We can provide you with solutions to detect and prevent losses within your business.

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    Due Diligence Investigations

    If your business is contemplating a merger, partnership, company purchase or acquisition, a due diligence investigation is vital. In addition to performing background investigations of individuals involved, we will uncover important details that may uncover liabilities, negotiate a lower price, or just give you a complete picture of the individual or company.

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    Undercover Investigations

    An undercover investigation may be necessary to resolve difficult-to-investigate situations such as criminal activities, performance or misconduct in the workplace. We will gather the necessary documentation and evidence while maintaining the trust of your employees.

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    Absenteeism- Lost Time Investigations

    Having an employee or employees take persistent time off work claiming to be sick can cost companies a great deal of money and production, especially when the employee is offered sick time as part of their salary. Whether the individual is engaged in secondary employment or taking a long weekend, we can provide you with documentation of their activities and solutions to combat future absenteeism within the company

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    Have you found yourself stranded and in need of a reliable tow company? Are you a financial client with secured collateral and need a repossession? Caldwell Investigation Agency offers fast, reliable and competitive pricing.
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    Infidelity Investigations

    If you suspect infidelity in your relationship or marriage, we can use a variety Read More

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    Child Custody Investigations

    In some cases, one parent may hire an investigator to gather evidence to demonst Read More

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    Minor Children Investigations

    We offer solutions for determining the activities of minor children. If you have Read More

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    Locate Investigations

    Caldwell Investigations can work with minimal information to initiate an investi Read More