Attorney Services

Our investigators are trained in all aspects of divorce, child custody, missing persons and  cheating spouse investigations.

Our investigative services serves a vital part in establishing the facts around legal matters. Caldwell Investigation Agency offers legal support services in conjunction with legal representation as a cost-effective means of substantiating your case and increasing your odds of winning. This strategy is effective for criminal cases, civil suits, divorceproceedings, and child custody.

Caldwell Investigation Agency works with you and your clients, doing the legwork and fact-finding, giving you more time to spend with more clients. Our cost efficient services can assist you in providing the most thorough and comprehensive representation possible. Although our goal is to provide enough evidence for a settlement, we can also provide testimony in court with photos, video, and surveillance reports which could be the determining factor in proving and wining your case.

Our Investigators have experience providing legal support services for civil and criminal cases. Whether your cases involve lawsuits, crimes, or divorce or child custody, some services we can provide include skip tracing and witness location, process service, record and asset searches, taking witness statements, surveillance, fraud investigations, forensic accounting, and many more. For a client that cannot make it to your office to sign the initial contract, we also offer convenient onsite (home, job, hospital, etc) visits.

  • Scene Documentation
  • Video Surveillance
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Worker’s Comp Investigation
  • Skip Trace / Witness Location & Statements
  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Accident Investigations
  • Criminal Reconstruction
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Process Service (Prompt Service is our specialty)
  • Case Analysis, Trial Preparation, Evidence Management
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Corporate Services

Our investigators are trained in all aspects of divorce, child custody, missing persons and cheating spouse investigations.

Financial and insurance fraud are now being seen in increasing numbers. Our CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner) and former Special Agent specializes in fraud and financial crimes.Our Fraud Investigators can help with managing business risks and business risk management for corporations. A growing number of corporate clients are relying upon Private Investigators to provide critical investigative, consultative and problem-solving approaches to a wide range of corporate management problems.

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    Criminal Tax Consulting

    IRS Special Agents conduct criminal tax investigations.  Sometimes these invest Read More

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    Employee Embezzlement

    Embezzlement is defined as the taking (e.g., of money) for one’s own use in vi Read More

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    Fraud Investigation

    As a Certified Fraud Examiner, We have the proven expertise to detect, prevent a Read More

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    Interview and Interrogation

    Don’t Terminate – Investigate! When you discover an employee has done wrong Read More